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FAQs: My Favorite Types of Veils to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Hey friends and bride-to-be, and welcome to 2020!! Welcome to a new year and start of a new decade. 2020. Can you believe it?! Well, I’ve got another round of Wedding Wisdom for you to start the new year off! I’m so excited about this upcoming wedding season. I have so many fabulous brides that I just can’t wait to work with and help them celebrate their special day!
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On your wedding day when we get together for portraits of just you and your groom and after we take all of the standard portraits, one of my favorite things to do is “play” with your veil. Like letting the win catch it in the air as if it were floating or slightly pulling it across the front of my camera to have this beautiful line from the veil that leads right to your beautiful face.

Here are some of my favorite types of veils to wear on your wedding day! 
1. Chapel or Sweep Style Veil: The length of this veil will come to or just above the floor but will not go past the length of your dress. This veil is gorgeous and will definitely give you that beautiful flying effect during pictures. Just be careful when picking it out. Some chapel veils may have lace and beading around the edges which can make the veil heavy and pull on your hair. 

Bonus tip: If it has beading sewn in it will not fly. 

2. Fingertip Length Veil: The length of this veil will literally go to your fingertips when you have your arms down at your sides. This is probably the most common length veil I see on wedding days. This length still gives us the right amount of length to let the wind catch it in the air, and it will give you some of those beautiful swooping veil images during portrait time of you and your groom! 

3. And last, but not least is the Cathedral Veil: This veil is going to the be longest veil of them all, and in my opinion the most beautiful to photograph! The length of this veil will go past the length of your dress train (most experts say about 3 yards past your dress). Just look at how beautiful Stacy and Annah wear this veil!!

Bonus tip: It can be a pain to have one this long at the risk of having someone step on it and pull it out of your hair. It’s best to have someone help you carry this type of veil.

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