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FAQs: 5 Tips to a Successful Newborn Session

What makes the perfect newborn session? Oh my goodness, there are so many things that go into making each newborn session come together perfectly, but I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things I think are the most important when I’m planning a newborn session. These tips work well in-studio or even when I’m on location at my client’s home.

  1. Sleepy baby. Gotta have a sleeping baby to make those perfect dream-like images come together. (Photoshop helps too ha!) This is almost a given since all babies seem to do is eat, sleep and poop. Amiright?! šŸ˜‰
  2. Full belly and extra pacifiers. This one goes hand in hand with number one. There’s nothing like a baby with a full belly that’s in a milk coma. Once they’re passed out they are so easy to wrap, hold and pose into all those squishy poses. I always coach my mommas to feed their baby right before our session so they are good and full. Whether they’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding it’s awesome when they are happy and fed.
  3. Warm environment. I love keeping my studio at a warm 78-80*F for those times when baby is naked or just barely wrapped in blanket. I also have a portable heater that sits right next to my beanbag when I’m posing baby. Even if they’re fully clothed the heater still helps soothe them and keep them asleep with the sound of the white noise coming from it.
  4. Taking pictures of baby early on. I love capturing newborns when they are between 7-14 days new. This window is prime time for baby because they are still so used to being snug and tightly wrapped up like they were in utero. Once they hit about 3 weeks old and older they tend to be more alert, and they also tend to stay awake longer. Awake pictures are fine but sometimes I’ll try to capture shots in between baby blinking so it gives the illusion that they are sleeping. šŸ˜‰
  5. And this one is for the photographer: Fast and efficient workflow. Having a fast workflow of my core poses for baby ensures that I can deliver a full gallery for you with a variety of different options. I normally am able to capture everything I need for your gallery in about 2 hours. If baby is a little fussy, has gas or needs to eat we can stop during the session to feed and take care of what baby needs. No session is ever rushed.

    BONUS tip: If you’re breastfeeding it’s best to stay away from foods that can make baby extra fussy or gassy like broccoli, cabbage, citrus, etc. Sometimes caffeine can have this effect on babies too, so maybe skip the morning coffee before the session.

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