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Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas, NV | Stacy’s 30th Birthday

I absolutely loved this last trip Brandon and I took to Lost Wages. šŸ˜‰ It took us a little longer to get out of Texas with a 3 hour weather delay from tropical storm Imelda, but we finally made it. We went out to celebrate my cousin, Stacy’s 30th birthday, and we had This was actually the first time Brandon and I have been to Vegas together. I’ve been multiple times before without him on a couple of work trips to JCK jewelry show and Stacy’s bachelorette party and Jessica’s 30th, but we’ve never been together until now!

And since it was our first time out to Vegas together we splurged for the upgraded balcony view in our Cosmopolitan suite to look out over the Bellagio fountain! Ah-mazing by the way!! You could hear the canon of the water shooting up to the sky all the way up to our room!

We even went down to the old strip on Fremont Street, and we had a blast gambling at Binion’s and Golden Nugget where I taught Stacy and Britt how to play the roulette table! And the girls even zip-lined down Fremont. While they stayed and played a little longer on Fremont we headed back to our hotel to get changed and ready for the pictures I wanted to take in Red Rock Canyon. We really lucked out when Brandon wanted to rent a sports car at the last minute. After he called up Exotic Car Rentals we literally got THE last Lamborghini available, and it was Brandon’s favorite color. Thank you Lord for the little things in life. šŸ˜‰

Then we sped through town trying to make it to Red Rock before the sunset. We got there just in time to get the pictures I wanted. I’m pretty proud of our attempt at setting up the tripod and using my phone as the remote. There’s literally one way in and one way out of the canyon, so it actually worked out really well to rent the car and let Brandon play around with all the twists and turns before we left. Then dinner afterward at Del Frisco’s was beyond amazing. Like THE. BEST. place in town to eat. If you’re ever in Vegas and want to try the best steak restaurant in town that’s the place to go!

Here are some of my favorite shots from Red Rock Canyon and Fremont Street! Enjoy.

We had so much fun renting this Lamborghini and driving through Red Rock Canyon! We’ll definitely have to do this again! And Brandon was so proud of himself taking this picture šŸ˜‰

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