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FAQs: My Top 3 Favorite Texas Wedding Venues of 2018

Well, here we are again for another round up of my top 3 venues from the previous year. I know we’re almost to the end of 2019, but I had to get this post in before the end of the year to highlight my favorite venues from last year! I just love these posts because I love looking back at my work from the year before and recognize some amazing wedding venues too.  {See last year’s top wedding venues}

There’s just something about a well planned and well thought out wedding venue! The kind of place that just screams “TAKE MY PICTURE!!” That’s how I feel about the venues I’ve listed below. These are my absolute top 3 favorite Texas wedding venues of 2018! The lighting and backdrops at these venues is downright stunning and would be a dream for any photographer to capture. The combination of a gorgeous venue with great lighting makes for FABULOUS images for your wedding day album too! 

Here’s to adding more venues to this list as I travel more for weddings in the future!

Beneath the Oaks ~ Midfield, Texas

Beneath the Oaks located in Midfield, Texas makes my top list again for 2018! Meagan, along with her parents, Lorene & Clarence are fellow Aggies, and I just love them. Meagan manages the venue and handles all their bookings!

Y’all, I’m not kidding when Meagan and her parents have thought of everything for this venue. From the bridal suite, the chapel, to the decorations they have on site you can use, and they’re still adding on.  They had their first wedding in 2015 and soon started filling up dates fast in 2016 & 2017. Fast forward 3 years, and they are almost 100% booked hosting weddings/events every weekend. This gorgeous venue is located an hour and half drive outside of Houston, Texas and its name speaks for itself. It is covered with the most beautiful Texas Live Oak trees!  

Find them online: Instagram @beneaththeoakstx and Facebook

The Springs Event Venue // Magnolia Manor ~ Angleton, Texas

Next up is The Springs Event Venue in Angleton, Texas. I mean, look at that place. It looks likes it should be on the cover of Southern Brides magazine! This beautiful venue is located just south of Houston, and it is absolutely stunning. And just look at that chandelier in the ball room. Now that’s an epic dance floor. That long driveway reminds me of something straight out of the south like Gone With the Wind! See what I mean when I say these are my favorite?!!

Find them online: Instagram @springsvenue and Facebook

Gardens at Old Town Helotes ~ San Antonio, Texas

Gardens at Old Town Helotes is located just north of downtown San Antonio, Texas. I’ve shot at this venue three times now, and it’s beautiful every time I go there. I love everything about this venue, and I always have such a great time when I shoot there. They finally finished up their bridal suite, and it’s so nice to have a separate place for the bride and groom to get ready in especially in our south Texas heat! 

Find them online: Facebook and Instagram @gardensatoldtown

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