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Meet the Luna Family | Romantic Fall Family Session Matagorda Birding Nature Center

This sweet girl and her family are so special to me. Lanora and I met when she came in to my jewelry store, Green Brothers Jewelers, last year in May, and we instantly hit it off. I saw her camera tattoo on her arm, and asked her if she loved photography as much as I do. She said she loves her camera and capturing everything in sight. Her business name is God’s Creations Photography and she loves capturing her clients as they truly are, God’s creations. How sweet is that?! Since then we’ve actually partnered to open up a studio together! I’m so thankful for our relationship with each other and our Heavenly Father.

Last fall Lanora asked me for updated family pictures of her and littles, and I’m obsessed with how her images turned out. I love what we were able to get in our short time together. Nicolas, Gracie and Jordan did so well during their session. Jordan is the same age as my oldest daughter, Cadence, so it was pretty easy getting him to smile and relate to him. Most of the time I’ll pull out my list of Disney Jr. shows to see who they like the best to capture a genuine smile. Works every time.  

And because Lanora is a fellow photographer, I had to up my game with her and use my 35mm Canon film camera. I love the way these scans from Richard Photo Lab came out!

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